Lights Out.

You decide to take Mrs. Redove’s advice and hop on the first train to the Village.
It’s a long ride, the sun has set, and you’re stuck in the economy class. 
Boredom takes over, so you decide to entertain yourself by snooping around.
There seems to be a briefcase hidden in one of the compartments; you look inside and find the train conductor’s list of passengers. One name in particular catches your eye: Ruth Traver. 
You can’t help but ask yourself if she might be related to Mrs. Redove: they have similar facial features and seem to be in the same age range. 

As you enter the lounge, you meet the passengers on the list; they all seem like they have something to hide. 
Singer Edna Vallier and her lawyer, Robert Gohl; you wonder if their relationship is really only professional. 
Norman Bevard: mayor of Primadonna, who has a bad word for everyone, except for the melancholic girl sitting a few tables in front of him, the designer Linda Len.  
Evelyn Winters, a teacher who barely notices you as she’s focused on flirting with Frank Smith, the bartender. 
A friendly woman you met in economy class, Virginia Mondt. 
And finally, doctor Ruth Traver with her husband Roy. Turns out she has just lost someone close to her. Could it be Mrs. Redove?

You notice that one guest is missing: famous actor Clarence Coutu, but before you can ask about him, the lights in the lounge go off and everything falls into chaos. 
The sound of the train covers everything else, the bartender yells not to panic. 
Someone screams. 
Lights on. 
Most of the passengers are gone and you’re in the middle of a crime scene: Ruth lies dead on the dining table in a puddle of blood. 
Frank invites you to go back to your compartment stating that the police will take care of the matter once the train reaches the station. But you can’t just sit there while a killer is on the loose. 
Primadonna Village is still miles away and the only person you can trust is yourself.
 Time to find out what these passengers are hiding.