You’re home.
You’re safe at home.

In a parallel dimension, in the middle of an infinite ocean, there’s the isle of Goll.

You somehow wake up in the welcoming house of Mrs. Redove.
As she offers you a cup of tea, she discloses to you that she is clairvoyant and she’s going through a rough time.
"Primadonna", the main village on the island, has fallen into its darkest era: a religious cult leader, mockingly named "Father Black" by his detractors, has infiltrated the government. 
His opponents have been ostracized and persecuted with the help of the angry mob that supports him. And Mrs. Redove is one of the rebels.
She tells you that many of her friends have been imprisoned and she fears the worst for herself.
She receives threats on a daily basis and she can sense that soon they’ll come to take her away.

“That’s horrible! But who am I? How did I end up in your house”, you ask.
Mrs. Redove sets down her tea and heads upstairs. “You were lying on the floor in front of the mirror in the attic. The same place I was found thirty-eight years ago. I was just a child and the woman who lived here before me raised me like I was her own. She raised all of us”.
As she wipes a tear from her face, Mrs. Redove climbs up to the attic and asks you to fetch her some sherry.

You open the cabinet in the living room and pick up a bottle of wine. 
She takes just a sip and collapses. You try to revive her but it’s too late, she’s dead.
But wait! There’s a note in her hand, her last thoughts...for you.

   My parents always said I was a peculiar child.
   I was just a little girl when I first heard the whispers.
   No one believed me, I thought I was crazy. 
   Then one day I closed my eyes trying to shut out the voices and when
   I opened them again, I was here. I couldn’t go back.
   Beware kind stranger, for nothing is as it seems. 
   Take the train to the village and leave this cursed land. 
   But first, please, set me free.

Mrs. Redove