Mother’s heirloom.

Ruth was in the garden playing with a black cat when Boris appeared out of thin air to tell her about a very interesting conversation he had just overheard. 
She had always wondered what it would be like to go into the forest and she could feel the excitement growing in her veins: “Ok, let’s go! But first…” she put her left hand on the cat’s eyes and her right hand on Boris’.”If the night comes, you’ll be able to see in the dark”. 
Boris smiled at her as his pupils hugely increased in size, then he pulled out a swiss army knife from his pocket and put it in her hand: “Here, you keep this. In case of know I can hide, but you...It’s not much to defend yourself, but it’s better than nothing”. 

Dominic looked at his watch, he had been waiting for over twenty minutes, but there was still no sign of Charlie. Had Mother caught him?  
The sun was starting to set, and Dom had no intention of hanging out in the forest at night. He was just about to leave when he heard footsteps and saw a figure approach him. 
“What took you so long, Charlie?”, yelled Dom, but as the figure came nearer, he realized it was someone else. “Norman? What the hell are you doing here?” 
“Oh so you’re all in on this!”, said Norman. 
“What are you talking about?”, replied Dominic. 
Norman sighed, then squeezed his eyes: a Swiss army knife flew right into his hands. 
“Hey give it back!”, yelled Ruth climbing out of a nearby bush. 
“Not until someone tells me what’s going on! Oh and Boris I know you’re here, I followed you both from the garden, so show yourself!” 
Boris suddenly appeared in front of the tree:”Ask Dom, he’s the one planning an escape!” 
“No...Uhm, yes, actually...through the forest!”, said Dom, but Norman didn’t seem to buy it. 
“Oh c’mon he’s not a complete moron!”, intervened Ruth: “Besides, we’d be idiots not to tell him. Charlie’s late and If someone here can find Mother’s heirloom, it’s Norm”. 
Ruth took Norman’s hand and her voice became softer:”You could make it fly right into your hand, we just have to get close to it…”, then she leaned in and whispered in his ear:”I’ll give you a very special reward when you get it”. 
Norman blushed, it was a deal. 
Ruth winked at Boris, as she retrieved the knife from Norm’s sweaty palm. “You and Boris take a look around. Dom and I will wait here for Charlie”. 
As soon as the two young men disappeared into the woods, Dom felt something sharp and cold on his cheek. “Give me the ticket, or I’ll pop your eye out”, Ruth wasn’t joking. 
“I-I don’t have it”, stammered Dominic. 
“Yeah, right! Hand it over!”
“No, really I don’t…”
“Do I have to search your dead body?”
“I-I’m serious Ruth! I swear I don’t have it, Charlie has it!” 
“You’re lying, if Charlie has the ticket and he knows where mother’s heirloom is, why would he tell you to come here and wait for…” 
Ruth lowered the knife, Dom looked her in the eyes, struck by the same realization: “I don’t think Charlie’s coming”. 

The sun had almost completely set and the forest was getting quite dark, Norman kept tripping on roots, so Boris gave him his flashlight. He didn’t need it anymore thanks to his new cat eyes. 
“So...the heirloom, do you know what it looks like?”, asked Norman. 
“No, I don’t think anyone does, I guess we’ll find out when we’ll see it fly towards us”, said Boris. 
Norman stopped: “That’s not really how my powers work”. 
“You mean you can’t do it?” 
“Well, I’m not sure and, you know, Ruth…AAAAAH!” Norman was interrupted by a stabbing pain in his leg, he looked down and saw a small sabertooth creature wrapped around his ankle. A loud roar came from the depths of the forest and everything after happened so fast, that Norman wasn’t really sure what he had seen.  
At dusk the quiet forest had come to life, thumping and screeching. Something had lifted Boris from the ground and his screams had faded in the distance. Norman ripped the creature from his leg and ran away as fast as he could towards the big tree where the others were. 
He passed through a clearing and saw something sparkle in the moonlight, he squeezed his eyes and caught the object in his hand, it was a bloody Swiss army knife.  
He pointed the flashlight in the direction of where it came from and saw Dominic lying on the ground with a slit throat. 
When Norman reached the big tree Ruth was just standing there, petrified. Her clothes were covered in blood. The boy grabbed her: “We need to get out of here now!” 
As they reached the exit, Ruth mumbled: “Where’s Boris?” 
Norman did not reply.